• Seminar on NIPM july-27-2019

    During the seminars eminent HR MANAGERS AND MBA students were given a clarity on the need, scope and importance of HR analytics and also how it will change the gamete of decision making related to the strategic focus and implementation of HR STARTEGIES, SHRM IMPLEMTNATION Also how big data handling is going to play a vital role in predicting the future HR Functional topics like recruitment, selection, training, orientation , PMS, employee engagement , motivation , SHRM , Employee turnover etc.

    Even live case studies of corporate companies were shared to make them understand the above principals of a perfect HR ANLAYTICS Work environment where employees work with 100% passion and energy to achieve the organizational mission, vision. Even the uses of research methodological tools were discussed in detail like R, PYTHON to handle multiple data and make decision based on them. It was a very innovative and students enjoyed the corporate learning’s shared by the resource person.

    Mr. PARVEZ MALEK- Faculty METAS ADVENTIST COLLEGE – SURAT had escorted the team of 15 SY MBA Students for this seminar. We are extremely thankful to Mr. Mohan Sir- VP Academics, Mr. Khirod Dalpati Sir – Placements Head and placement club faculties for motivating students to take part in this seminar by NIPM.

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