• Self – Defence Training Programme

    The main objective of the event was to educate the female students about various self defence techniques with a view to equipping them with some basic self-defence skills so that they may use them to protect themselves in challenging situations.


    The resource person, Mr. Sanjay, Ms. Priyanka and Ms. Bhavya were welcomed by Ms. Nimmy Syam, the Chairperson of ‘Women Sexual Harassment Cell’. Sanjay Sir then addressed the students and explained about the need for martial training for young women and importance of learning some basic self defence techniques so that they are aware and alert at all times and ready should any unwelcome situation arise. Ms. Priyanka and Ms. Bhavya demonstrated approx. 10 techniques of how the girls may defend themselves when someone attacks them physically or holds hands or neck or hair or tries to slap them. They also explained about simple body mechanics, human vulnerability points and how to use physical aggression to defend themselves in the event of an attack. A few students from the audience enthusiastically participated in the demo. Ms. Sejal Shah gave vote of thanks.


    Students learnt about the intricacies of the self defence techniques and how they can use them should any challenging or unpleasant situation arise.


    Any event is impossible without volunteers.

    Our volunteers include:

    • 1. Sakshi Agarwal
    • 2. Nandini Jain
    • 3. Namrata Jain
    • 4. Pratik Sachanandani
    • 5. Samyak Jain
    • 6. Nishtha Poddar
    • 7. Harsh Chhajer
    • 8. Ashish
    • 9. Abhishek

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