• Metas Premier League (2018-19)

    Cricket is one of the most popular game played overseas. Cricket was first played in southern England in the 16th century. By the end of the 18th century, it had developed to be the national sport of England. The expansion of the British Empire led to cricket being played overseas and by the mid-19th century the first international match was held. The international cricket council is the governing body.

    METAS PREMIER LEAGUE was interclass cricket tournament organized on 8 th and 9th January 2019, 7:30 am onwards on the lalbhai contractor stadium cricket ground with 15 teams from management as well as commerce department and nursing department. It was a knock out tournament for girls with 8 over and each team having 11+3 players. For boys we had league match which was for 1 days. Each team was given their own jersey of their team; it was the attire for the tournament. The qualifying round was conducted with the teams choosing the opponents by chit system. The tournament was taken care by four esteemed umpires of LAL BHAI STADIUM, SURAT - As the game proceeded the applauds, cheers, hooting went loud. The batsmen went wild and hit dozens of fours and sixes, while the bowlers were try their best to keep their line and length and bowl as many as maidens as possible. The running between the wickets was an area of concern for both the teams. The audience hooted loud whenever a dangerous batsmen catch was dropped while the bowlers frowned. The bowlers went rebellious and started taking a catch of their own deliveries. The wicket keepers never missed an opportunity to get the bails off. The matches were spectacular and kept the audience nail biting. The final match was a 12 over match, played between the best teams of the tournament i.e. The players show cased the spirit of team work and enthusiasm for game. The crowd went loud whenever a four or six was hit. Audience with their cheers for their favourite teams motivated the players to hit even harder.

    The bowlers tried their best to maintain their pace and tried maidens while the batsmen tried their best to hit the ball hard for sixes. The tournament was won by Royal Strikers by four wickets. The crowd applauded the loudest when the Royal Strikers won their winning trophies. The winners were over whelmed with the cheers and the motivation they got from the audience. The runner’s up were happy to have given a difficult fight.

    The tournament was a successful event with the co-operation of all the members of METAS, the enthusiast effort of students and the motivation by the audience.

    Our students really enjoyed MPL with the spirit of sportsmanship. We are extremely thankful to Dr. Mohan Rao Sir- VP ACADEMICS, MR. Syam Prasad Sir Mr Khirod Dalpati Sir- PLACEMENT HEAD, MR LYNEL KISKU SirCOMMUNICATIONS HEAD for their continuous support, guidance and motivation for which MPL had reached to the next level in performance.

    Also we are extremely thankful to core team of Warrior Club Volunteer’s for working passionately for the success of MPL.

    It was the hard work of the volunteers and even able leadership ,direction, motivation of the Warriors Club faculties- Mr Nirmal Sathyaraj Sir, Mrs Surbhi Madam , Ms. Vishwa and Mr Parvez Malek which made this event successful at next level in terms of performance. The list of team are attached below. We are extremely thankful to our esteemed sponsors for MPL

    • 4. SHIBORI
    • 5. T.I.M.E

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