• Adventist Global Youth Day 2019 –Feeding the Poor

    Metas Adventist school of nursing first year GNM students had organised Adventist global youth day –feeding the poor on 25th February,2019,Monday to make the youth aware about feeding the poor at eklera village,sachin rural-surat district.the faculty incharge and students of first year GNM students planned and organised this for this event was given by mr.lynnel Kisku. Students & faculty participated in this activity of preparation of food and served the villagers.

    Eklera consists of approximately 60 families. Transportation to the venue was arranged by the college authorities.

    All participants were taken to know about the poor families and their difficulties facing regarding their daily food/meals. The nursing students learnt like preparing food and feeding poor, they understood the needs of villagers both physical and health needs

    Mr. Danny from hope channel Bangalore and Mr.Ajay Philips, METAS Surat had also participated in this activity by taking photography and video.

    Students, Faculty Members, HOD of the department and all others have appreciated this activity.the visit was for a few hours but it left an ever lasting impression on all of us. Students feel proud and happy of being involved and participated in this ADVENTIST GLOBAL YOUTH DAY 2019 - FEEDING THE POOR

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